Meet The Fitness Freak Delhi Cop Who Could Give Any Bollywood Actor A Run For Their Money

2:04 pm 14 Jun, 2018

Rubal Dhankar has become hot topic on social media after someone on Quora asked “Is there photographic evidence of an extremely physically fit police officer in India?”. The answers led to Rubal Dhankar, a police constable who hails from Delhi. Not your typical stereotype cop, Rubal rose to fame by participating in the X4 edition of MTV Roadies in 2016 as a strong contender.

Rubal Dhankar was chosen for his umpteen strength and impressed the judges Rannvijay, Neha Dhupia and Karan Kundra with his confidence.



For his great singing and acting abilities in his audition, the 27-year-old Delhi cop got instantly selected for “MTV Roadies X4: Your Gang, Your Glory” show in its 13th season.



Even though Rubal Dhankar is a Jat, Raanvijay Singh selected him because of his muscular body and passion for what he wanted.



Rubal credits his body building abilities and strength to his father as it is evident in his Instagram post:



Here’s a glimpse of Rubal’s impressive physique and fitness level:


My Inspiration 💪💪💪🙏🙏🙏 #love #respect Sir🙏🙏🙏🙏

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#shoulder #workout 💪💪💪

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You won’t recognise him without his ‘signature moustache’, but the clean shaven Rubal looks equally hot!


12 month 365 days Lean💪

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Formal V/S Casual

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His appearance as a smart Delhi cop is hard to miss!


Gym Lover/ Uniform Lover????

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Rubal Dhankar impressed MTV Roadies viewers with his  appearance and raw style.


Happy moment With sir 😍😍😍 @rannvijaysingha #Fli @iamtarungill

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His acting prowess is no less than his fitness game, and his wife enjoys featuring with him as well!


1st video Try something new Jab wife peene se mana karde

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For those single ladies out there, grab some tissues as Rubal is not only taken, but committed to his loving wife.


#Lifepartner #feel #good #happy #sunday #funday

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His family is complete with their young son who has his father’s good looks and charm!


#sweet #family

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As a contestant in Roadies X4, he impressed one of the judges Neha Dhupia, and his Facebook profile has a picture of both of them.



As expected from any fitness fanatic, Rubal’s inspiration is none of than Arnold Schwarzenegger!



Thanks to his own YouTube channel with more than 2 lakh followers, he keeps posting motivational transformation videos.



Check out his first workout video while he participated at MTV Roadies:




He deserved to win Roadies X4 which was won by Balraj, but Rubal Dhankar got his share of limelight in the short span already. What do you think of this hottest police cop? Tell us in the comments.

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