RSS Book Claims Jesus Christ Was A Tamil Hindu Brahmin. Oh! You Didn’t Know That?

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5:06 pm 23 Feb, 2016

The Christian world was rocked last year by a research that claimed that Jesus Christ looked like this:


Jesus Christ

BBC/ RedVision

It was based on the fact that Jesus was born in the Arab world and could not have, in any way, look like a European as is depicted the world over.

If that claim was met with some scorn, wonder how the world will react to the claim that he was a Tambrahm (Tamil Brahmin).


Tamil Brahmin


On February 26, a trust called Swatantryaveer Savarkar Rashtriya Smarak (Savarkar National Memorial) will reissue ‘Christ Parichay’, a 1946 book written by Ganesh Damodar Savarkar – older brother of Vinayak Damodhar (Veer) Savarkar.



The cover page of the book Christ Parichay. Mid-Day

The Savarkars were the founding fathers of the RSS.

Here are some of the claims made in the book:

1. Christ was born in Hindu Palestine.

2. His parents were Vishwakarma Brahmin.



Tamil Brahmin (2)


3. Obviously, his mother tongue was Tamil. (What else?)




4. He wore the janeyu (sacred Hindu thread).

5. He came to India to learn yoga.




6. His family had Hindu signs on their bodies, like tattoos.





7. He was reincarnated by a cult using medicinal herbs and brought back to India.

8. And here, in Kashmir, he worshipped Lord Shiva for three years.





9. The book claims that Jesus attained ‘Samadhi’ at age 49.

10. Oh, and he had an Indian name too – Ishanath.

Ranjit Savarkar, the grandson of Ganesh Savarkar, said that the trust has no “mala-fide intention”. And Bombay Archdiocesan Heritage Museum director, Father Warner D’Souza, said it would be a waste of time to concentrate on such hypothetical historical questions.

Tweeple had a field day:



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