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Yogi Government Announced A Grant Of Rs 15,000 Crore… For What?

Published on 5 December, 2018 at 6:26 pm By

Union government and government of states have the responsibility of the well being of its citizens. Government allocates funds for the same, and we see the variations in the allotment. And such variations make us think about the objective. For instance, Uttar Pradesh’s very popular Yogi Aditya Nath has announced Rs 15000 Crore Grant For Kumbh Mela! Yes. It is a big amount and in that case, its usage becomes even more important. Yogi has changed many names, but it seems like he doesn’t want to change the wastage of money as he announced the grant of crores to the Kumbh Mela preparations in Prayagraj.

The government is enthusiastic, but the priests of Vaishnav Akhada have started protesting against Kumbh. Priests are angry with the government because they have not been given their traditional land called the ‘Khaak Chowk’ where the sadhus stay during the Mela. The sadhus are threatening to boycott the event if they are not given the land.




The sadhus are saying that it is not right that Yogi government is not considering them, but we say that it is wrong because UP government is not considering the biggest issue in UP which is unemployment!

On an average, by using 15,000 crore, 12,000 to 15,000 people can earn approximately Rs 30,000 per month for 35 years; an average Indian can earn till their retirement. Isn’t it is more important than a religious celebration in a state with an unemployment rate which higher than others.



UP transportation system needs immediate care and especially in these events, people come from all over the world, then do we need better roads or better events?



Don’t we know how Kumbh Mela is already famous? Do you remember the Kumbh Mela stampede of 2013? Where does the amount go if arrangements are so poor?



UP certainly needs better education facilities and Rs 15000 crore can be used for the education for many kids who are the future of this country. The state needs better teachers and schools, and the funds could be used for that.



Doesn’t it raise questions on the leadership of the chief minister of a state like UP? Yogi’s objective is affected by the upcoming general elections and he doesn’t want to impress the youth with jobs? What do you think?



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