Quick RPF Cop Saves A Man From Getting Crushed By Train

2:33 pm 19 Jul, 2017


To ensure one’s own safety is crucial especially at crowded spots. All of us are aware of the everyday mayhem on Mumbai locals or any other railway station for that matter. People reaching late for their trains, people trying to catch a moving train, and people stuffing into overcrowded trains can be life threatening.

A man late for his train attempted to catch a moving train from Egmore station in Chennai and hung from the door. Soon, his hands started slipping which resulted in him losing his balance and falling. A brave and quick RPF constable used his presence of mind and saved the man from a fatal accident.

Stills from the CCTV footage of the incident.The News Minute


K Shanmugham, an RPF constable at the Egmore station, saw the man approaching death and decided to change the course of his fate. Lucky for the man who was hustling to catch the Dadar Superfast Express, K Shanmugham acted quickly to save the man’s life without caring for his own safety. As the man fell deeper into the gap between train’s floor and train track, the cop attempted to pull the lower torso from under the train.



The only thought I had at the time was to save him somehow.

In these words, K Shanmugham summed up his duty bound psyche to The News Minute, which cared for human life and safety under his control. He informed that he has helped many people in the past as well. This incident was noticed by everyone because of the CCTV footage.

Dadar Superfast Express.Wikimedia


Emphasizing upon the importance of well-being, he added further,

Nowadays, a lot of people reach the station at the last moment. They should come at least half an hour or an hour before so that such incidents don’t happen.

K Shanmugham at the extreme left.The News Minute


Interestingly, the man whose life Shanmugham saved, recovered from the shock of the incident and boarded the same train which had to stop because of the incident. The RPF cop will be nominated for the annual bravery award for exhibiting commendable presence of mind. He has served for 11 years as RPF constable.



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