This Is The Only Place In India Where Rozas Begin And End With A Cannon Blast Every Day!

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12:15 pm 16 Jun, 2018


Eid is the most awaited day of the entire month of Ramzan. As the day is around the corner, we are going to tell you about a unique place in the country where Eid is announced in an exclusive manner. In this place, the festival of Eid, which is marked by the appearance of the moon is announced with the explosion of a cannon. In fact, not just the Eid, but crucial hours of all the days of Ramzan are marked by a cannon blast.

The locals of Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh have been using these cannon blasts for signalling the starting and ending of their fast during the holy month of Ramzan for hundreds of years now.


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Villagers in the Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh wake up to the sounds of drums every morning during Ramzan. This sound that wakes them up indicates that it is the time for Sehri, the morning meal Muslims have during Ramzan. When they get to hear the cannon boom, it is a signal that Sehri has ended. This is the time when their Roza begins.



Later, in the evening, another cannon blow tells them that it’s the time to end their fast with Iftar, the evening meal during Ramzan.




It is believed that the tradition of using the cannon blast as a medium of conveying the time of Sehri, Iftar and Eid was started in the early 18th century by the then Begums of Bhopal.



While the tradition has gradually died out in other parts of Bhopal, it continues to be practiced in Raisen. The district administration of Raisen has taken over the responsibility of maintenance of the historical cannon.



Presently, a smaller sonic version of the cannon is used for announcing Sehri, Iftar, and Eid during Ramzan. For two blasts per day, the cannon is filled with nearly 25 kg ammunition during Ramzan. Once the holy month is over, it is kept safely in the state treasury.