7 Ways You Can Custom Make Your Royal Enfield For An Exhilarating Experience

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Updated on 21 Oct, 2015 at 5:45 pm


1. Use alloy wheels.

Alloy wheels strengthen your bike’s stability by increasing its weight by 10-15 kilo per wheel. The bike becomes easier to control at higher speeds and keeps on the road more smoothly. Also, they add to the glamour quotient.



2. Upgrade tyre/wheel sizes.


For fitting the 18″ wheel, it’s important to modify or fabricate a new one with the help of a skilled mechanic as the handling and pick up of the bike will be affected. To have minimum effect, you can try changing the initial and final drive gear ratios (again, consult a mechanic).


3. Get extended swing arms.

A swing arm is the V (or better U) shaped part, that juts out from behind the engine of the bullet on which the shockers (springs) are fitted.

By extending the swing arms, you get an increased wheelbase, but since the distance between the original mount points of the shockers gets increased, they jut out more from the rear.


4. Switch to a wider tank.

Using a wider tank will increase the range of travel in a single fill-up. Putting a 22 liter tank is really compatible with the engine. And don’t you worry; the handle won’t hit the tank at acute turns. It is pretty affordable with a price of around Rs.6,000.


5. Fit custom head lamps.

LED bulbs are also really useful as they consume less power. Successfully replacing the pilot bulbs with two white LEDs will help you reduce power consumption to milliwatts.


6. Get custom seats made.

These seats add to the beauty of your dream machine and provide comfort to both the rider and the passenger. These seats are specially customized and handcrafted for you. Leather is often used by most of the demanding bike builders. The total length of the seat is 27 inches. The front seat is 16.9 inches and the back pillion is 10.1 inches. Slight variations in dimensions are possible as these are made of genuine leather.


7. Employ a customized silencer.

Every bullet owner wants the best thump (silencer). Usually, the thump is very loud especially at higher speeds. It is not tolerable beyond the speed of 70 km/h, and can damage your eardrums. Putting glasswool (jaali) inside the silencer is the best way to enjoy a perfect mix of bass and treble.