1,300 Indian Men In An Australian Cruise Ship. Guess What Would Have Happened?

3:23 pm 5 Oct, 2018


Indian men wherever they go, always seem to leave a mark, isn’t it? If they visit a toilet, they pee all over the place; if they drive, they spit tobacco stains; if they eat, they use dirty hands, and more importantly, if they travel, they give dirty glances to Scantily clad women. Gosh! They never stop. Just when you thought they deserve a benefit of the doubt, take a closer look at what happened at a cruise travel by Royal Caribbean International, the company which organizes world-class cruise trips for travel enthusiasts. Only this time, the enthusiasm just got too much out of control, thanks to 1300 unruly Indian men on-board!

How did these men behave so audaciously that Miami-based Royal Caribbean International had to refund nearly two-thirds of its passengers? Well, read on to know the full story yourself!



So what compelled the passengers from Singapore to Australia via Royal Caribbean International to complain officially against these insensitive men after all? Have patience and read on!




These men, reportedly working for a chewing tobacco company, were on board for a work conference for their India-based firm, Kamla Pasand, according to 9 News Australia.



Fellow passengers reportedly complained they brought on-board females as playboy bunnies, taking over any area of the ship they pleased – deck, buffet areas or wherever.



As these men went around ‘rampaging’ the Voyager of the Seas, fellow (sober) passengers couldn’t digest how their journey turned into a wild ‘stag’ party – complete with burlesque dancers and scared young girl.



And if it is not unruly enough, they canceled certain events as it lacked ‘their interests’ and reportedly harassed female travelers by recording them with cellphones!



This alleged revelry got so out of hand that some families chose to remain in their cabins than witness the chaos.






The ship, which has a capacity of more than 3,000 passengers, travels from Australia to the South Pacific. Royal Caribbean International reportedly refunded the passengers for the cruise. Let’s hope for better conduct next time.

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