BB 12 Masala: Romil Makes Mean Comment On Jasleen’s Face, And She Threatens To Send Him To Jail

2:12 pm 2 Nov, 2018


Bigg Boss 12 is surely keeping the fans engaged with its awesome content. We can see that the contestants are trying their level best to play the game and win the hearts of the audiences. From controversial comments to rave remarks, and from cute compliments to absolute aggression, Bigg Boss house had it all. Speaking of comments, do you know about Romil’s mean comment on Jasleen? Her face to be precise. If you are a follower of Bigg Boss extra dose then you must have seen it with your own eyes.

In fact, I am sure all the die-hard fans of Bigg Boss must be knowing about it already. After all, nothing can go unnoticed from the microscopic eye of Bigg Boss!




The extra dose of Bigg Boss which was uploaded on Voot made it clear that Romil made a mean comment on Jasleen’s face and called her face chapta (flat). It appeared that he said it in a lighthearted joking manner. But that is something which one shouldn’t joke about, don’t you think? We can see that Jasleen even said that she will send him inside the jail in the Bigg Boss house, though she didn’t seem serious too.


Do not forget to check out the full video below:



Recently, we saw that Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde entered the Bigg Boss house to spice things up. Both of them pretended that they are indeed the wild card entrants. It was really interesting to see how they added a certain flavor to the show.




Coming back to the topic of Romil, I think commenting on a girl’s face, that too an actress’ face, is not a wise decision. Even if you are joking, it isn’t right. It seems that the lawyer went a little wrong there, don’t you think?

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