This Young Officer Quits Comfy IAS Job To Teach Students For Free

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6:31 pm 10 Jan, 2016

At the young age of 24, Roman Saini has already achieved everything he possibly can: a medical degree, civil services exam and a plum post of an assistant district collector.

Now he is giving back to the community through his entrepreneurial endeavor.


Roman Saini. dnaindia

Roman Saini. dnaindia


After getting through the civil services exam, Saini is now helping other UPSC aspirants by giving them free online training for civic services entrance exams. For that, Saini along with his friend Gaurav Munjal, has introduced ‘Unacademy ,’ an online teaching website.


Roman Saini/Facebook

Through his Unacademy platform on YouTube, he uploads lectures for those aspiring to become doctors, civil servants, computer programmers, even experts in foreign languages.

Saini also interacts with UPSC aspirants from all over the country using his Unacademy app and give them online training. In addition, there are numerous videos posted by Roman, where he talks about different subjects and solves queries of students.


Delivering a talk at AIIMS. Roman Saini/Facebook

Delivering a talk at AIIMS. Roman Saini/Facebook


Unacademy has over 68,000 Facebook likes and over 20,000 Twitter followers.

Talking about Unacademy, he said:

“In a city like delhi, one has to pay lakhs of rupees for UPSC coaching classes. A person who is from poor financial background cannot afford such classes. Many students from Bihar, Rajashthan, etc. want to go into civil services but they do not know what exactly they need to do for getting a good training. Through ‘unacademy’ we want to bring education revolution by giving free coaching to UPSC aspirants. This is a non profit job. I get no money here but i give students free lectures.”

Saini’s students are elder than him but they all call him sir.


Saini with one of the students. quora

Saini (left) with one of the students. quora

Here are some tweets:

Saini was inspired in the venture by his school friend Gaurav Munjal, who came together in 2010 to set up a platform that would help students of computer science learn via videos. To build this, Munjal stepped down as CEO of his company, a website that addresses the accommodation woes of students across the country, and put the proceeds from the sale of his company at the disposal of


Saini and Munjal, founders of Unacademy, with Dr Kiran Bedi. ---name of site---

Saini and Munjal, founders of Unacademy, with Dr Kiran Bedi. Roman Saini/Facebook


According to Munjal, in the intial days of the website they roped in some guest lectures to guide the students. However, things picked up after Saini cracked the IAS exam. In 2013, Saini started making videos and presenting study material in front of the camera.


Saini and Munjal, founders of Unacademy. thebetterindia

Saini and Munjal, founders of Unacademy. thebetterindia


Overall, Saini has made 120 videos and has helped in making 50 other.

For Saini, chucking a plum “government job with security” to pursue a dream was not easy, as his father, an engineer, and brother, a paediatrician, weren’t happy about this.


Roman Saini/Facebook

Roman Saini/Facebook


But today Saini is satisfied with his venture, as he has earned a lot of respect from civil service aspirants and others. His belief is education will be the driver of this nation.

He says his focus is to make quality education accessible to all and thinks that the offline mode is not the way to achieve it. “That is why I decided to pursue fulltime the concept of Unacademy,” he said.

Saini cleared his Std XII exam at the age of 16, and got into the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences, clearing its entrance test in the first attempt. While studying for MBBS, he also got a degree in guitar from Trinity College, London. He became an IAS at the young age of 22 with 18th rank.


Roman Saini/Facebook

Roman Saini/Facebook

Unacademy has over one million subscribers on YouTube and it gets nearly the same number of views every month. The portal has about 400 videos covering subjects like history, geography, politics, art, environment, ecology, and biodiversity.

So, do you have a dream that you’ve cast aside over the years? What are you excited about? Let us hear about your dreams.

Here is a video by him:

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