New Video Of Rohtak Girls Thrashing Boys Makes Twitteratti Question Their Bravery

Updated on 18 Jan, 2018 at 6:40 pm

On November 28, two girls in Rohtak, Haryana, trashed alleged eve-teasers inside a bus, full of passengers. Someone captured their bravery on camera, and the girls became the darling of rights and feminist groups all over the country; the Haryana police had failed to take action until after the video went viral. You may see how the two girls audaciously took on the alleged molesters in the video.

A second video of the two girls has now ‘mysteriously’ surfaced showing them kicking and punching another group of boys (at least one is definitely feeling the heat!). It is this video that has cast a sliver of doubt on the entire original incident. Twitteratti, which once unanimously praised the courage of the girls, is now having mixed reactions about the daredevilry of the Rohtak girls. A report in The Hindu says that elders from the village, to which the three accused thrashed in the bus belong, are claiming that the entire fight took place over a seat in the bus.




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