Rohith Vemula’s Mother Alleges That Muslim League Used Her For Political Gains After Making False Promises

8:32 pm 18 Jun, 2018


On January 17, 2016, Ph.D. scholar Rohith Vemula hanged himself inside his hostel room number 207 of the Hyderabad Central University. He committed suicide on the campus of his college shortly after he was expelled from the university hostel over the charges of causing indiscipline in the university. It has been two years since he had committed suicide.

Evidently, during an inquiry carried by the Andhra Pradesh government, it was revealed that no one was responsible for Rohith’s suicide attempt. Moreover, against his claim, he was not a Dalit. Rohith Vemula, rather belonged to the other Backward Class.



In an interesting turn of events, Rohith Vemula’s mother Radhika Vemula has made some major revelations in the case that may shock you. The mother of the research scholar has made quite serious allegations against the Indian Union Muslim League in the case.



According to reports, the Muslim League had promised Radhika Vemula huge financial support after the death of Rohith Vemula. But, instead of helping her out, they used her for their financial gains and gave her only little in return. Radhika Vemula told the media that the members of Muslim League promised to give Rs 20 lakh for a house to support her as the family stay in a rented accommodation. Later, she was taken to Kerala by the party and was made to participate in gatherings and meetings.



Later, Radhika said that as she helped the party throughout their demands, she never got what she was promised. Apparently, during an occasion, the party gave her two cheques of Rs 2.5 lakh each, but one of them bounced. This made her say that the Muslim League used her for their political gains and did not deliver what they were supposed to.

Well, Twitter has reacted outrageously against the mother of the deceased as they are saying that Radhika Vemula got what she deserved. Furthermore, they are saying that she made a business out of her son’s suicide which was not right. People are also alleging that she participated in the ‘Anti-Modi campaign’ in order to help Muslim League for her financial gains.



Take a look at some of the tweets against the mother of Rohith Vermula :



It is a Shame!


Who knows!


Need I say more?


Karma is a bi*ch!

Shameful act!


Such low!

In a defensive statement, members of Muslim League told the media that they have set Rs 15 lakh aside for Vemula family as they will never step back from their promise.