Rohit Sharma Can’t Stop Flaunting The Special Gift Sent By WWE Star, Triple H

2:35 pm 15 Jul, 2017


Did you not grow up having mock WWE fights, pretending to be one of your favorite wrestlers? A kick here and a choke slam there, and you hold the closest replica of the championship belt. It’s time to feel jealous of Rohit Sharma because he just stole our childhood dream.

IPL team Mumbai Indians have received a custom made WWE heavyweight championship belt from Triple H. The COO of the WWE Empire has sent this gift to the team for giving a commendable performance. The belt has the Mumbai Indians logo which makes the whole experience even more real.


Look how the captain of Mumbai Indians flaunts his prized possession. Rohit Sharma expressing excitement represents all of us right now.


Triple H had promised “something headed” their way after Mumbai Indians won the IPL title for the third time in a row.


However, we are not the first ones to receive goodies from the legendary wrestler. Recently, he had sent similarly custom made belts to the champions of other major tournaments around the world. NBA champions Golden State Warriors and English Premier League champions Chelsea were also seen sharing the pictures with similar belts.


Triple H was considered one of the smartest wrestlers when it comes to mind games. But what we see now is the face of a man who admires good sports. And let us all admit that Mumbai Indians deserved it.

Here are the Twitterati celebrating the new heavyweight champions:



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