Did You Notice The Rhino Sticker On Rohit Sharma’s Bat In First IPL Match? Here Is What It Stands For!

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12:03 pm 9 Apr, 2018


The new season of IPL has begun with a bang. The first match as held on April 7 between last season’s winner Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings. While cricket fans are very excited about the CSK returning to the league after two years, Mumbai Indians and its captain Rohit Sharma too have garnered a huge fan following. In fact, Rohit Sharma is the only captain in the history of IPL who has lead its team to win as many as three times and people just can’t get over him for this.


Rohit Sharma. TheHindu



But this time there was something special about Rohit Sharma’s bat that has never been there before. Did you notice the small rhino sticker on the bottom of Mumbai Indians captain’s bat? Take a look at what we are talking about:


Rohit Sharma’s bat. Twitter


Doesn’t this rhino sticker make you wonder what it means? It have have gone unnoticed by the viewers of the match but it has a substantial meaning! Rohit Sharma has put up the sticker of rhino on his bat in 2018 season of IPL to show his support for saving Sorai Rhino which is an endangered animal and is close to extinction.

The information was revealed by maverick British batsman Kevin Pietersen in a tweet. Check out his tweet below:


This is not the first time Rohit Sharma has expressed his support for protection of rhinos, though his style was completely unique this time. Earlier in March this year, he had expressed grief over death of the world’s last male northern white rhino named Sudan. Take a look at Rohit Sharma’s Instagram post from that time below:



Prior to this as well, he has posted about rhinos on a few occasions. Check out his Instagram posts below to see for yourself:




It is really nice of Rohit Sharma to come forward and support the noble cause of the animal’s protection. His fans must be looking forward to see him hit a good score with his bat in matches coming up, something which was missing on April 7 match.


What do you think about his gesture? Do let us know in the comments!

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