After Violent Attacks, Rohingya Terror Group Calls a Truce But its Temporary

6:08 pm 11 Sep, 2017


The insurgency outfit in Myanmar – the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) – has finally decided to bring their one-sided “war” against the establishment to a brief halt on Saturday. This clash between the Rohingya Muslims and the Myanmar government had been on for over a month now. Violent clashes erupted on August 25 when some Rohingya Islamic terrorists attacked police outposts and the military base along with several government offices. Counter attacks by the military resulted in about 3.5 lakh Rohingyas homeless and nearly 400 terrorists dead. Now, the ARSA is pleading with the government to stop any further military investigation on the issue, citing humanitarian causes.

Refugee camps for Rohingya community in Coz Bazar, Bangladesh. The Bangladesh government will, in all probability, have them relocated to a remote island. The New York Times


On Saturday, the terror outfit took to Twitter to communicate that since relief materials had begun arriving in violence-hit areas, they are now removing their siege. All these relief materials will be dispersed among the minorities as well as those severely affected by violence. According to ARSA, the ceasefire will continue for one month from the declaration, i.e., till October 9 “in order to enable humanitarian actors to access and respond to the humanitarian crisis in Arakan State.”

The Press Release drafted by the ARSA further says:

ARSA strongly urges the Burmese government to reciprocate this humanitarian pause by ceasing military offensive operations and participate in assisting the victims regardless of their ethnic and religious backgrounds in all conflict affected areas of Arakan State.



It is to be noted that the ARSA has issued a public statement for the first time. The notice was issued by Ataullah, an ARSA member who operates in secrecy from deeply forested areas along the Myanmar-Bangladesh border.

Meanwhile, the Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Haseena has decided to meet the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh at their camps in Cox Bazar area. The Bangladesh government has allocated two thousand acres of forest land for the refugees and is also expected to come with various reforms for the community’s betterment amid crisis.