Rohan Joshi Slammed Sunil Pal After He Blamed YouTube Comedians For Misleading The Youth

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8:59 pm 7 Sep, 2017

The ‘Kapil Sharma show’ has gone off the air. It is reported that this sabbatical was planned as Kapil Sharma had canceled several shoots due to his ill-health.

The comedian briefed about his condition in an interview with Pune Mirror,

I have been working for the last 10 years without a break and I needed medical help to combat anxiety, blood pressure and sugar problems and correct an unbalanced diet. I thought it was best to take a break before another problem that I couldn’t control cropped up. After ignoring my health all these years, I am focussing on it now.

He also said that his show will be back after the promotions of his new film ‘Firangi’ and he has no plans to leave Sony.


It appears that Kapil’s absence from TV has deeply disturbed comedian Sunil Pal because he is afraid that the “so-called” YouTube comedians will now become the flag bearers of comedy in India. He says that their “below the belt” jokes will adulterate the youth.

This is what he said in his depressingly funny video:


If we see the bigger picture, it is the YouTube comedians who are actually doing the real comedy. They are discussing socially-relevant issues and sensitive topics through humor, which is indeed progressive.


YouTube comedians gave befitting replies to Sunil Pal’s remark and they are damn hilarious.

Rohit Joshi, AIB.

Daniel Fernandes, Producer at Weirdass Comedy.


Atul Khatri, Member of The East India Comedy group.


Tension nahi lene ka, Sunil bhai.