This Rock Version Of Shaktimaan Theme Song Will Blow Your Mind Away

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7:00 am 11 Jul, 2014

Shaktimaan was India’s only true superhero television series. It was fantastic for a time just before (and during) the mobile phone revolution and popular before the advent of social networking. The series, starring Mukesh Khanna in the lead, took Indian television by storm with the younger audience completely in awe of the heroics of Shaktimaan. The catchy theme song was quickly memorised by one and all. Children were able to recite that in schools better than they could the day’s poem. So, here is a superb rock version of Shaktimaan theme song by pop/rock band Meghdhanush. What you see below is a tribute to the wonderful television series, with special effects that deserves a standing ovation. (This also proves that Bollywood can have better special effects in their films).


Credit: Meghdhanush via YouTube.

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