If You Loved RockOn!, The Track ”You Know What I Mean” Will Give You Magik’s Major Nostalgia

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7:14 pm 9 Nov, 2016

‘You Know What I Mean’ is a song which will surely make you elated if you have loved the original Rock On!! as we get to see the members of original ‘Magik’. Thanks to the song being a flashback, the audiences will get to see Luke Kenny back on screen even in Rock On!! 2.

Rock On



After shooting the promotional track “You Know What I Mean” the boys of the prequel i.e Adi, Joe, Rob and KD! had become nostalgic recollecting memories about how they shot the original Rock on!!.They were lost in their realm of thoughts and were remembering the fun moments and the enjoyment they had while shooting for the prequel way back in 2008.


rock on 2


Since the band of the boys from the prequel was complete, each of them was seen reminiscing the old days when they were shooting for Rock On!! The reunion of the band after 8 years definitely called for a party. Hence, post pack up everyone enjoyed a late night reminiscing evening.

Watch it here:


The movie is slated to release on November 11.


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