People Body-Shamed Lottery From Kapil Sharma Show. She Did Something Which You’ll Be Proud Of

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5:49 pm 28 Oct, 2017


It is not uncommon to find people taking on celebrities by posting negative comments after they share their pictures that aren’t perfect. But instead of holding on to stigma and shame, many women are now taking up the weight-focused comments head on.



One such person is actor-anchor Rochelle Rao who recently posted her photographs without any Photoshop trickery and with all her flaws.

Through her Instagram account, Rochelle asked people to love themselves. She said the beauty is not in the face but a light in the heart.

“Beauty is so beyond all of those things and it’s what gives life to everything about you,” she said.

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Left profile, right profile, let’s hide the areas which show the fat! But who said curves can’t be beautiful? Body shaming has become a common phenomenon in this day and age where it’s ok for any one to comment on another person’s body! It all stems from insecurities! Rather than hiding, I choose to highlight my imperfections! The parts of me I was taught to hate, I now choose to show off! I choose to announce that yes I’m not perfect! My question to you is are you willing to share your imperfections with the world? #thisisme #notsoperfect #nakedtruth #whatyoudontsee Photo Credit @soondah_wamu

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Through her images she hoped to show the deeper beauty (in women of all sizes, shapes, ages and backgrounds) that shines through in women.

Acknowledging that body shaming has become a phenomenon in recent days where it is right for anyone to comment on another person’s body, she said she chose to highlight her imperfections which she thought to hate.

According to Dove Global Beauty and Confidence Report, one in two women feels social media puts pressure on them to look a certain way. However, many women are now fighting to spread beauty confidence. “They are using their influence to advance the real beauty debate across social media, and helping women embrace their own individuality as a source of confidence,” the report said.