The Robin Hood Army Is Doing Something That Both India And Pakistan Can’t

Updated on 28 Aug, 2018 at 5:43 pm


Millions are living without adequate food and are dying around the world, and India and Pakistan are no exception. But you’ll blame the governments, right? Wrong. The world has enough of everything but not everyone has a heart. Enter Robin Hood Army.

On the day India was playing Pakistan in their Group B World Cup match, six volunteers of Robin Hood Army were feeding more than 250 people outside the Karachi Railway Station.

Robin Hood Army (RHA), formed in June 2014 in Delhi, was founded by Neel Ghose – VP of online restaurant search platform Zomato.

Its main aim is to get surplus food items from restaurants and distribute them amongst the country’s needy folk.

RHA has more than 400 volunteers in 11 cities. They feed around 3 thousand people daily.

With Pakistan having the same problems of hunger and malnutrition as that of India, RHA decided to bring the cause to Pakistan.

And they chose the day of the India-Pakistan World Cup match on Sunday to start the new chapter in Karachi.

The Karachi operation is headed by Sarah Afridi, who studied with Neel at the London School of Economics.

Robin Hood Army initiative indeed is an attempt to show how individuals can really make a difference to the society if they want to.


In a world where massive income inequality persists, and where thousands are dying every day due to lack of access to adequate food, RHA is a brilliant movement. We wish this novel initiative all success in their effort to bringing change to society.

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