Vadra Took Offence To Swamy’s ‘Waiter’ Comment But Swamy Tells Vadra To Focus On ‘Jail’

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5:18 pm 25 Jun, 2016


On June 24, BJP MP in the Rajya Sabha Subramanian Swamy tweeted this:


Reports claim that he was referring to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley wearing a suit to a meeting with the Bank of China Chairman Tian Guoli in Beijing.

But the man who took offence to Swamy’s remark was Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra.


Vadra posted this on Facebook:

Such a pointed attack and can Swamy sit back silently? No, so here was his retort:


Swamy is a known opponent of the Gandhi family. He has previously targeted them over the National Herald and the AgustaWestland cases.

He had also targeted Vadra claiming that the latter “made a lot of money” through his connections with former Haryana CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda.

“He has to be prosecuted under Prevention of Corruption Act,” Swamy had said last month, according to ANI.

At the same time, Swamy maintained that his ‘waiter’ remark was not directed at Jaitley.


Even the Shiv Sena has pointed at BJP’s inner conflict due to Jaitley and Swamy’s verbal volleys.


“Both Swamy and Jaitley are from same party and the differences between them have brought the inner conflict of the BJP to the fore. We have affection for Swamy because of his fight for Hinduism and his initiatives against corruption,” Sena had said in its mouthpiece Saamna on June 24.

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