These Roadside Matkas Of Water Show The Hospitality Of Indian Hearts

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9:11 pm 27 May, 2016


With the scorching summer sun beaming down on us every time we step out of the house, being outside during summers is like a punishment. Most of us can afford to buy some refreshing drinks before we head back to our AC environments, but there are some who have no choice but to be on the hot roads and not enough money to splurge on refreshments.

It is very inspiring to see that some considerate people still bother to put out earthen pots of water and glasses for weary travelers, as Indians have been doing for ages.



Whether in big cities or small, we’ve probably all seen this small gesture which goes a long way for those who find these pots when they need a glass of water. It is simple and easy-to-do and can really help a stranger have a better day. The water stays cools in these earthen pots, which makes it so much more appealing for thirsty passersby.

There are also people who do the same for animals; putting out bowls of water in places they can easily reach so that they too can handle summer a little more easily.


Origin: SUNO