Road Surfaces Melts In New Delhi Due To Extreme Heat

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4:40 pm 28 May, 2015


India’s killer heatwave has taken more than 1,100 lives across the country and now, even roads are not spared. Road surfaces in New Delhi have started melting as temperatures hit a blistering 45 degrees Celsius, reports Daily Mail Online.

The searing temperature has led to melting of road surfaces in New Delhi, distorting the road markings.


The heat is so extreme that it has melted the asphalt on the road surface, ruining markings on the road.


Forecasters have said that they expected the high temperatures to continue into next week – adding to the misery of the thousands of poor living on the capital’s streets with little shelter from the hot sun.



Southern India has been hit hardest by the sweltering weather and many of the victims are construction workers, elderly or homeless people unable to heed official advice to stay indoors.



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