Meet RJ Veera, Lucknow’s Famous Radio Celebrity Who Is Redefining Single Parenthood

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5:46 pm 19 May, 2016


Residents of Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, are familiar with RJ Veera. Her voice is synonymous with the voice of the City of Nawab’s itself. A celebrity in her own right, Veera, now 46, brought the people closer to the culture of the city while entertaining them with music of the finest kind.

While Veera brought smiles on the faces of people, she herself faced struggles to reach where she is now.





In 1995, Veera lost her father. At the time she was engaged to be married. But for some reason the family of the bridegroom demanded dowry. She broke off the engagement. New suitors came but all had the same demand – dowry.

Fed up, Veera decided to remain unmarried.

A journalist by education, Veera started radio jockeying with Radio City, at a time when private FM channels were making their entry.

She continued entertaining and enchanting the people of Lucknow with her voice for almost 13 years.


Then Veera moved on. She decided to leave Radio jockeying and become an entrepreneur. But before that a very beautiful thought struck her mind – she wanted a family!

She was unmarried but there was a way to raise a family. Veera went to one of the children’s homes and met Vasu, a 10-month-old baby girl with an unusual malformation.


Vasu’s head was larger than an average baby’s. Yet Veera saw in Vasu the kind of daughter she would have.

“Doctors said that there was fluid in her head. This is why her growth is not like that of a normal baby,” Veera told Dainik Bhaskar.


She said that Vasu would lie down all day and would not be able to turn herself. She even faced difficulties moving her fingers.

Veera took Vasu to the best doctors and got her treatment done. Today Vasu is a healthy child. Now five-year-old, Vasu attends the La Martinere School for girls in the city.


The former RJ now runs a food business called Veera’s Masala Bhelpuri. She is herself overseeing the manufacturing and marketing process of her product.


Veera’s world revolves around Vasu. And with her own mother around, Veera thinks she has a complete family.