Scientists Say That River Ganga Can Eliminate Deadly Microbes That Cause Various Diseases

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4:22 pm 3 Oct, 2016

There is a strange power in the waters of the River Ganga – the power of healing. No, it is not some myth or popular belief; scientists at the Institute of Microbial Technology (IMTECH) have now validated that the River Ganga indeed has healing properties.

According to this report, the Chandigarh-based institution has stated that the presence of certain viruses in the Ganga make it a powerful disinfectant.

Yes, the Ganga is increasingly becoming polluted but this healing property remains despite the muck.

The viruses, called bacteriophages, destroy the dangerous microbes that are behind a series of maladies. The researchers have also discovered that the water of the Ganga does not become putrid.


According to the researchers, the water of the Ganga has up to 25 types of bacteriophages, which can fight microorganisms that cause tuberculosis, pneumonia, cholera, etc.

That the water of the Ganga can fight cholera was first noted by British physician E Hanbury Hankin in 1896, who discovered that the microbes died within three hours in the Ganga but survived in distilled water for more than 48 hours.

The Ganga water studied by the IMTECH team was between Haridwar and Varanasi.


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