A Businessman Makes Money By Manufacturing Unique Products From Garbage

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7:20 pm 2 Jun, 2015


We often throw away waste material thinking it will be of no use to us. But, an entrepreneur from Jodhpur (Rajsathan), Ritesh Lohiya, has made crores of money by making trendy products like bags, chairs, etc., using waste material, reports Danik Bhaskar.

The 39-year-old, along with his wife Preeti, got this idea when a Danish tourist came to their handicraft shop and was interested in a tin chair.


In 2009, inspired from the tourist’s praise for the chair, they started making things from waste materials. Preeti started collecting tin and started manufacturing products using it.


Today, they have buyers from Australia, Germany, Singapore and America. From 16 crore turnover, they have moved to 35 crore turnover annually. Though the price of tin has risen from Rs.30 to Rs.100, Ritesh says it is good for garbage collectors.

The company produces bags, chairs, cupboards, sofa, almirahs, bed-sheet etc. According to Ritesh, their products have huge demand and they have also started another company to manufacture textile-related products. And the designer is none other than his wife Preeti.


This is what is called smart business. You smell an opportunity and you go for it.



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