Rich And Famous At 23, Ritesh Agarwal – The Brain Behind Oyo Rooms

5:20 pm 27 Oct, 2017


From a seller of mobile phone SIM cards to one of the leading and youngest entrepreneurs of India, life has been one of a roller-coaster ride for Ritesh Agarwal.

Ritesh Agarwal opened his first website at 17 years of age YouTube

Hailing from Odisha, Ritesh Agarwal’s resilience and dedication saw him materialize his dreams at just 23 years of age to become the founder and CEO of Oyo Rooms. The hotel rooms aggregator company is currently India’s largest budget hotel chains with about 70,000 rooms in about 8,500 hotels across the country! And all the time that he needed to achieve such a feat in his career was six years!

Ritesh is India’s youngest millionaire Oyo Rooms

Born in business class family in Bissam, Cuttack, Ritesh Agarwal was studying engineering at IIT Kota, when he went on a trip to Dehradun and Mussourie. The trip was like an epiphany to Ritesh as he understood his love for businesses and management much more than engineering. Thereafter, he left his studies and went to Delhi with the intention of starting his own business. It was in 2011; Ritesh was just 17 years old.

A year later, he opened a website called ‘Oravel Stays’, which was just like an collection of bed and breakfast stays across India, with the option of booking the hotels/motels from the site itself. And a few days into it, he changed the name to Oyo Rooms. Thus, Oyo Rooms was born.

If reports are to be believed, Ritesh’s desire to do business had him selling SIM cards for various mobile connections. He is now owner of a Rs 6,500 crore empire – an empire which is spreading far and wide with each passing day.

Ritesh established his business with Oravel Stays at just 18 years of age IamWire


His zeal towards his work truly makes one reaffirm one’s faith in hard work and also brings out the truth that resides in the simple line – “Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination.”