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This Russian Lady’s Tombstone Features An iPhone, And The Reason Will Move You To Tears

Published on 1 October, 2018 at 11:00 am By

Rita Shameev’s tombstone features a massive iPhone which is pretty hard to miss – after all, it’s not what you generally see in a burial site, right? Regrettably, calling someone’s tomb ‘unique’ or ‘interesting’ isn’t moral, but that’s the first impression of Rita Shameev’s tombstone. We’re not going to lie, but no one would have seen anything like it.


Rita’s father has commemorated his mobile lover daughter by installing a virtual iPhone headstone in her memory. Her tombstone faces her grave and as seen, is an exact replica of an iPhone – with an official Apple logo on the back, a front and back camera, and an LED cutout.



That’s not all. Rita Shameev’s tombstone has volume and power buttons on the side, just like a proper iPhone. The tombstone screensaver also features the deceased 25-year-old’s picture.



Rita’s tombstone measures a total of 5 foot in height.




The lady passed away in 2016 in Ufa, Russia, and now lies buried under the massive grave. It was reported that her father Rais Shameev erected the monument.



Not much is known about her, except that she died of natural causes. She loved two things most – her phone iPhone presumably and traveling.



This peculiar Russian tombstone is one of a kind and it’s truly a perfect tribute to the deceased.



Rita Shameev’s tombstone is made of black basalt and is equivalent to a little less than $1,600.



That means (according to HTB Twitter), Rita Shameeva’s tombstone costs approximately about 104,000 rubles!



The unusual design definitely catches your eye. One eyewitness said:

“I thought I was having hallucinations. How can an American smartphone suddenly appear at our cemetery? And such a big one?”



While it was visualized by Rita’s father, the creator was Siberian designer Pavel Kalyuk, who works for a laser engraving company – Autograph.



However, Rita’s tombstone isn’t the only one in its kind. Another deceased person featuring an iPhone tombstone with a QR code also exist.



He is the man responsible for creating the Kazakh-language keyboard for iOS.




Can Rita Shameev’s tombstone be termed as “death accessories”? What do you think?

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