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Rising Up the Corporate Ladder with a Business Degree

Published on 30 March, 2018 at 7:20 pm By

There is growing interest among the youth in pursuing a business degree today. Indeed, this educational attainment paves the way for a successful corporate career that is totally in sync with the aspirations of India’s young, ambitious and motivated workforce. Prospective students can choose from different types of business degrees, the most common among which is an undergraduate business studies degree. The capital city of Delhi, besides Mumbai and Bengaluru, have some of the best colleges for BBA, that is, Bachelors of Business Administration like IILM UBS.





The curriculum of a business studies degree includes a wide range of subjects such as accounting, finance, management besides entrepreneurship. This reflects the multidisciplinary nature of the business, as well as the importance of knowing all the key elements that are required to make a business successful. A business degree goes a long way in developing the soft skills and dynamic approach that are necessary today in every field to rise up the corporate ladder. It is a great way to develop many of the transferable skills needed in a business environment.

If you’re someone who values the professionalism and high-powered nature of large enterprises, then a business degree is a suitable stepping stone to rise up high in the corporate ladder and build a high-status, high-salary career. The most alluring factor about a business studies qualification is that it makes you a potential candidate for a number of entry-level roles upon graduation, and allows the scope to specialize further in their chosen stream.



If you do decide to go into accounting or finance, your task will involve reviewing your company’s past and present financial situation, advising clients and colleagues on tax and expenditure, managing records and business transactions, facilitating mergers and acquisitions and also taking responsibility for preventing the bad business practice, and fraud and negligence.

A business career in management provides many opportunities for career progression. Their job is to provide structure and strategy to a workplace. Managerial roles are known for being higher-paid and they can be found across all industries and fields. However, it is unlikely that you will find a managerial role without gaining a further degree or a few years’ mid-level work experience. In any case, business graduates are in a better position to become managers later on in their career. With determination and steady career progression, they can find themselves rise up the corporate ladder with ease, with or without an additional degree.

Those looking to rise to the higher levels of retail and sales careers may undertake a graduate training program or trainee management program with large companies. This will help fast-track their position within the company.



Apart from these, there are a number of other common graduate careers with a business degree. They include roles within banking, auditing, energy and utilities, distribution, IT, insurance, journalism, communications, media administration, production management, public relations, law, logistics, manufacturing, and hospitality and leisure apart from the public sector and defense, risk management and tax.


Evidently, corporate business careers are available in almost every sector one can think of. After all, every profitable company or industry needs good business and management skills and, therefore, effective leadership, strong managerial skills, strategic thinking and financial expertise. In simple words, whether small or big, national or international, companies all over the world are looking for business graduates. Therefore, a business degree holds immense scope for a promising corporate career. There are a range of BBA courses in Delhi that can help fulfill the career objectives and interests of future business leaders.

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