Rishi Kapoor’s Hilarious Tweet About ZARA Sale Is Going Viral And People Are ROFLing

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 2:55 pm

Torn knee jeans and shabby clothes are the fashion of today. Well, my mother has shouted at me a hundred times when I have tried any outfit just to keep up with fashion and frankly speaking, a well-dressed look gets a thumbs up rather than a shabby look, at least for me.

You must be familiar with this meme trending all over:



I guess for Rishi Kapoor it’s the same. The person who is well-known for using his wit and sharing his opinions on Twitter has recently tweeted a hilarious comment over ZARA’s latest sale image that’s trending right now.


The actor couldn’t stop himself from comparing the clothes with beggars’ outfits and it went viral. People actually supported the comment and replied hilariously. Even Karan Johar agreed with the fact and applauded Rishi Kapoor’s comment!


Golfing clothes?


She has bought these from ZARA as well!


She got a perfect answer for her kids.


Shabbily poor?


Fashion ke naam par log kya pehennte hain?