Rishi Kapoor Congratulates Imran Khan On Election Win, But Got Trolled Instead

4:05 pm 28 Jul, 2018


Mulk‘ is an upcoming theatrical patriotic-drama movie directed by Anubhav Sinha. It stars Rishi Kapoor, Tapsee Pannu, Ashutosh Rana and Prateik Babbar in pivotal roles. The movie traces the journey of a Muslim family to reclaim its lost honor when one of its members is evidently a terrorist. In other news, former cricketer Imran Khan has won the Pakistan elections and will most probably become Pak’s next Prime Minister. Now, most of you must be wondering how these two pieces of information relate to each other.

Well, ideally there isn’t a lot common between the two. But in a recent tweet, actor Rishi Kapoor has made an outlandish connection between Imran’s victory and his upcoming movie. What happened was, Rishi Kapoor, tweeted to congratulate Imran Khan on his win. But in the process, Kapoor cunningly tried to promote his movie as well.


Rishi Kapoor

Rishi Kapoor’s look from ‘Mulk’. Source


But Twitterati did not let Rishi Kapoor slide by unscathed. Before divulging any further, first let’s have a look at Rishi’s tweet:



An actor who is known for his snappy tweets that sometimes border on arrogance has missed the mark this time. The Twitterati began trolling Rishi Kapoor for this ill-logical marketing stunt in the following tweets:


Indian media is super hyper:



Oh God! Movie promotions even in a congratulatory message:



What else can one expect from Bollywood people:



This is way too much, he’s using Pak’s election results to promote his movie:



To hell with his movie promotions:



What he says is irrelevant, what remains true is that Pak is the mothership of terrorism:



Bollywood is all about making money but never expected this out of the Kapoor family



The movie which has mostly been shot in Benaras and Lucknow is all set to release on August 3, 2018.