Rishi Kapoor Made a Personal Message To A Female RJ, Then Blocked Her After She Showed Him The Mirror

Updated on 28 Nov, 2017 at 7:25 pm


Rishi Kapoor is a well-known personality not only in Bollywood but on Twitter, too. His Twitter account is filled with hate comments, well-curated judgments by his fans, and intensive criticism. Time and again he has shared his opinions with the world, which mostly resulted in mass trolling. Without any doubt, something like that happened this time too.


Rishi Kapoor during a conversation.

This time he targetted RJ Sucharita Tyagi.

It all started when Rishi Kapoor shared a meme through his Twitter account about Beyoncé’s photoshoot, at the time when she was pregnant. Let us also tell you that Beyoncé is now the world’s highest paid woman in music.



Beyoncé is now the world’s highest paid woman in music.eonline.com

Kapoor wrote, “Phool Khilen hain Gulshan Gulshan!”

This certainly didn’t go too well with many of his followers and he got trolled for sharing this meme.




Amongst those who found this meme distasteful, was RJ Sucharita Tyagi, the one who raised funds for visually impaired law student some time back.


RJ Sucharita Tyagi. pbs.twimg.com

Sucharita tweeted,


After getting this tweet from the RJ, Rishi Kapoor made a personal message to her on Twitter.

In the message, he wrote, “Actually you are right. Your face is funnier. People like you who have no sense of humor must not follow me. You are too screwed up. Sorry! Have to block you as we are not on the same wavelength.”

Sucharita later shared the screenshots of these messages on her Twitter.

After the RJ shared the screenshots, people started tweeting about how Rishi Kapoor’s meme was nothing but bad humor.





This has just ruined Rishi Kapoor’s image for us. This meme on a world-renowned singer, especially on a picture that explains her pregnancy was just not expected from a veteran actor like him.