Rishi Kapoor Trolled For Commenting On Kashmir Issue; Left People Furious

4:49 pm 12 Nov, 2017


Rishi Kapoor is a well-known personality not only in Bollywood but on Twitter, too. Time and again he has shared his opinions with the world, which sometimes result in mass trolling. Without any doubt, something like that happened this time as well.


Rishi Kapoor is well known for sharing his witty tweets and getting trolled. newsmobile.in

It all started when Farooq Abdullah, the chairman of J&K’s National Conference, gave his statement over the situation of Kashmir.


Farooq Abdullah recently gave his statement on the issue of Kashmir. nnetdnassl.com

Abdullah stated that we should accept the fact that PoK belongs to Pakistan and the situation is not going to change. The side of Kashmir which is towards India should receive more stronghold and autonomy.


He added that people demanding freedom are being guided towards the wrong path.

During an event in National Conference Headquarters, Srinagar, he said, “Internal autonomy is our right. They should restore it. Only then the peace will return.”


Farooq Abdulla during an event. www.5dariyanews.com

Farooq Abdullah further added, “You don’t remember the Instrument of Accession and claim the other side of Kashmir administered by Pakistan. If that side is ours, then you should talk about the accession too. Why do you forget the conditions on which we had acceded?”

Explaining more about the situation he said that the people of Kashmir are landlocked from three sides – India, Pakistan and China, all three having nuclear bombs and “except Allah’s name, we have nothing with us”.


To his statements, Rishi Kapoor tweeted, “Farooq Abdhulla ji, Salaam! Totally agree with you, sir. J&K is ours, and PoK is theirs. This is the only way we can solve our problem. Accept it, I am 65 years old and I want to see Pakistan before I die. I want my children to see their roots. Bas karva Dijiye. Jai Mata Di !”

And Rishi instantly received criticism from people on Twitter:


















Truly, people just cannot spare anyone on Twitter these days. It seems that Rishi Kapoor did a severe mistake here tweeting about the Kashmir issue.