Rishi Kapoor Wishes Kapil Sharma For His Film ‘Firangi’; Gets Slammed By Twitterati For Being Drunkard

6:03 pm 24 Nov, 2017


Rishi Kapoor is among the best actors in the Indian film industry. In his career, he has played characters like the chocolate boy hero ‘Bobby’ to the dreadful villain in ‘Agneepath’ – and has excelled in all. Even now, the senior actor is often seen grabbing the headlines of entertainment tabloids and newspapers, but alas! those are mostly for wrong reasons than right. It is his opinions on Twitter that brings him under the limelight for bad reasons.

Rishi Kapoor from his debut film ‘Bobby’. India TV


Like many other celebrities of our times, Rishi Kapoor, too, makes his presence felt in the social media by presenting his views on various matters that take place in the world. He also does not fail to share snippets of his personal lives with his fans and mesmerizes all. But when it comes to his opinions, people simply discard them as rants of a drunkard.

Yes, you heard it right. On November 20, the Kapoor lad had tweeted an image of a pregnant Beyonce and made fun of her. This not only attracted the scorn of the Twitter users but he also got slammed as a drunkard. Just three days later, he against posted an image which made Twitter reiterate the same thing.



On November 23, Kapoor took to his Twitter account to congratulate Kapil Sharma for his upcoming movie, ‘Firangi’. However, despite the fact that it is Sharma’s second film, the former pinpointed ‘Firangi’ as his debut. While whether he made a mistake or he was referring to the movie as being Kapil’s maiden production venture is still unclear but Twitter was already busy in terming the veteran actor as an alcoholic.

And here’s how Twitterati chose to react:

However, there were few who pounced upon in Rishi’s defence, asking people to understand his tweet before replying –

‘Firangi’ was scheduled to be released on November 24, but the release has been postponed by a week due to delay in certification.


Meanwhile, let us know what you think of Rishi Kapoor’s “mistake”? Do you think it was intentional? We would love to read your views!

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