Rishi Kapoor Abuses A Woman On Twitter Via A Direct Message. People Want His Account Blocked

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11:14 pm 20 Sep, 2017

Rishi Kapoor is a different personality altogether. He calls himself the “guy who enters the eye of the storm and takes the bull by the horn”. Well, that’s a good thing. The sad part is that he thinks Twitter is a storm. No, it is a place to share your opinions and memes. Then, why is he creating havoc here every day?

Shivani Channan, a writer on Dalit rights, recently posted a meme featuring Rishi, his wife Nitu and Ranbir Kapoor from a poster of the film ‘Besharam’.

It was just a meme like a million memes on the internet on our Bollywood stars. What the actor did next is shameful, he called her bi*ch via a direct message.

This is what Shivani had tweeted,


Since the actor has an infamous reputation of abusing women on Twitter, he again proved that this disgraceful act is his way of life.

This is how he replied:



Enough is enough. He seriously needs to quit if he can’t take a joke. The Twitter user retaliated,


Some people want his account blocked and some want him behind the bars.



Another shameful case of “Maymay”.

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