11 Reasons Why Your Childhood Bicycle Ride Is The Best Experience You’ve Ever Had

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Updated on 4 Sep, 2018 at 3:08 pm


Childhood without memories of cycling is incomplete. Here are the few things that we so much miss now:

1. Freedom to explore places without anyone to object.

Riding cycle was like freedom calling.

2. The first fall is hard to forget.

Remember how you fell when your father left the back seat he was holding?

3. Helping mom to get household items.


Cycling to the nearby grocery shop made you feel victorious.

4. Running after stealing flowers from the garden.

If not for the cycle, you would have got the hard beating from the gardener.

5. Bunking school could not have been easy.

It would have otherwise got you into deep trouble, with some quick calls to parents.

6. Riding was no less than an F1 race.

Forget cars, cycles were ridden to compete and that too in style.

7. Stalking your first crush.

The school-time crush stories would have been incomplete without the main hero, your cycle.

8. Becoming the proud owner of a cycle.

Owning a cycle was an achievement then, as it was yours and no one else’s.

9. Giving free rides was as much an experience.

Sharing the back seat with your ‘friend’ or the girl you liked remains fresh in memories.

10. The feeling of being a grown up.

It made you realize that you had moved on from being mama’s baby to mama’s big boy.

11. Bicycle get-together with friends.


It used to appear that the cycles were having a group session.

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