15 Ridiculous Things We Must Stop Doing On Facebook

1:00 pm 2 Sep, 2018


Facebook was an obsession at the time of its release, then it became a lifestyle. Later on, it actually somewhat helped people to stay connected. However, now, it got reduced to a place where we go to watch memes. From the beginning, Facebook offered many features and third party applications that you can. But as we always do, we started to over abuse those features and started to do thinks that should never be done. Here is a list of things we must stop doing on Facebook:


1. Sending friend requests (or cheesy messages) to random strangers.

Wish life was a Yash Chopra film where people ‘accidentally’ met and fell in love/became the best of friends forever, but sadly it isn’t the case! So, stop being creepy and pathetic!



2. Literally begging people who have unfriended you, to add you back.

Get some self respect, will you? It still comes free!



3. Poking

The next time you think of poking someone remember that it’s the easiest access to reach his/her block list not heart.



4. Liking your own status.

It’s the best way to show the world that you are a worthless loser desperately craving approval, even if it’s by yourself.



5. Flirting without much success.

Face it! If the girl/boy doesn’t respond much, he/she isn’t interested, so go and find other fish in the sea.



6. Desperate nagging for ‘likes’ and ‘comments’.

The number of likes and fake comments on your DP don’t gauge your worth, you nasty bozo, so stop nagging! If someone genuinely ‘likes’ your pictures, he/she will automatically comment, get that?



7. Treating people as time pass endearments.

Have nothing to do for the while? So, let’s pick up a random person and start chatting and when your friend/crush is online you can comfortably ignore him! Is this your social interaction pattern online? Well, you are indeed the meanest thing out there! And don’t wonder when your friend list narrows down with time.



8. Making a spectrum of your emotions.


Each one has a share of griefs in life but trust me, your fb wall is the worst place to share it.



9. PDA

Save actions for a more private space, can’t you loser?



10. Posting every minute details of your life online.

Nobody cares what was your bowel movement like today or what color socks you are wearing or where you are headed to for lunch, unless you are the prime minister or some Bollywood Superstar!



11. Flashing your cash (specially when it’s not self earned)

We understand your enthusiasm to share (SHOW OFF) your new wardrobe collection or your lunch platter but trust me, you ain’t Kim Kardashian, so keeping up with it gets boring with time.



12. Sending game requests to people who barely respond.

While you refused to, the person in concern grew up and doesn’t like playing candy crush, is it so difficult for you to understand?!?



13. Uploading over edited photos.

Trust me even a 5 year old can tell!



14. Fusing over tags

Okay!! We get that you ain’t looking pretty in this group photo, so, it must be untagged but deleted? Why? Are you afraid of your real and unphotoshopped face? And do your folks a favor by standing at the corners, whenever group photos are taken, so that you can be cropped out right away!



15. And ultimately pouting

While you think you look like Priyanka Chopra or Angelina Jolie, you actually look like Donald Duck’s long lost cousin!