These Ridiculous Questions On Quora Will Make You Bang Your Head

5:49 pm 20 Oct, 2018


You must have heard about the proverb in which curiosity kills the cat. Curiosity can also be the urging factor for asking not only out of the box questions but also out of the world questions. A person without curiosity cannot learn anything new. We all need answers. And hence we ask questions. We believe that Quora will answer our every question. Quora questions can leave you wondering your existence. While most question and answers enlighten us, some of the queries just make us question the person’s sanity.

We all agree that people at times find it difficult to come up with technical or personal problems, and then Quora comes to their rescue. It is an open platform that serves every possible doubt of the user. But some of those questions are so stupid and weird that they leave you into shock and laughter. Quora has served as an open platform to get answers on questions of all sorts.





Here are some of the questions which are weird as hell.

Parents have not arranged it properly.



Just ask!


Trolling game on!





Should you?




Ahh! What?







Mind Fuck




Trust me there are millions of stupid and ridiculous questions available on Quora but some of them are completely unimaginable. You would not believe on the fact that how people come up with such questions.

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