This Video of Ricky Ponting Teaching A Good Lesson to Steve Smith And Others Is Downright Hilarious

6:55 pm 31 Mar, 2018


Social media is full of stories related to the Australian ball-tampering controversy, which has left cricket fans in shock all over the world. It has also raised questions about the fact that cricketers these days are no more serious about playing cricket but the money involved in the game.

The controversy has rocked the Australian cricket team which is believed to be one of the top teams in the world. The players involved in the scandal are Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft. While Steve and David have been handed over a 12 month playing suspension, Cameron Bancroft, who made an attempt to change the condition of the ball in the third Test against South Africa, was given a suspension of 9 months.


Since the time Steve officially admitted to have committed the tampering, people on various social media platforms have been writing their opinions and views on the same. Some (who are die hard fans of these cricketers) are still supporting him saying that he has apologized and deserves a chance. Others, are just ranting about the whole situation and displaying their anger through tweets and comments.

To find humor in such a tough situation is not everyone’s cup of tea! So Follow Your Sport, have come up with a video on their Facebook page in which they have mixed the ball-tampering scandal with the most epic scene from the film “Sholay” in which Gabbar asks “Kitne Aadmi The”.

Well, the most hilarious part of the video is Ricky Ponting who can be seen teaching the other three a good lesson. And yeah, you have to wait to watch the end because that surely deserves an applause!

Enjoy Watching!