Game Of Thrones Star Richard Madden To Be The Next James Bond? Reports Say So

1:34 pm 16 Oct, 2018


Are you a fan of James Bond movies? Well, if you are, you must be well aware of what is doing the round lately surrounding the movie. Well, the web is abuzz with fresh rumours of replacing Daniel Craig. The iconic role is said to be up for grabs as the current Bond has said that he’ll hang up his role following the release of the next movie. So who do you think would be most suitable to replace Daniel Craig? Well, reports have claimed that Game of Thrones star Richard Madden is likely to be named as the next James Bond after actor Daniel stepped down from the film.

The report mentioned that the Scottish actor has impressed the creators of the Bond movie with his performance in BBC’s Bodyguard.




It is reportedly said that Barbara Broccoli, the executive producer of the Bond film series who has the final say on all Bond characters, is likely to approach Madden in the next few days.

The Express quoted a source close to Barbara Broccoli saying:

“It’s seriously looking like he (Madden) is going to get the job. Not only is he on top of Barbara’s list, but she is preparing to offer the role.”



It is said that Richard Madden leapfrogged over the established favorites like Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston and Aidan Turner following his breakout role in the smash hit BBC drama last month. It is reported that the Bodyguard lead is now the favorite of the bookies.

Well, reports also claimed that Madden’s father revealed that his son was eager to play Bond’s character.

“I’m quite sure he does want that to be on his CV one day but he’s not making a song and dance about it. Whether it’s Bond or any big role, Richard has ideas about things he’d like to do. It’s probably best whatever his desires or thoughts are to keep it to himself.”




Meanwhile, James Bond is set to return to cinemas for the 25th time and the film is reportedly said to be released on February 14, 2020.