Richa Chadha: The Girl Who Believes In Saying It Like It Is

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11:58 pm 12 Jul, 2016

Richa Chadha is one of those rare actors who doesn’t look like she’s faking it, on camera, or off. She comes across as a level headed, grounded person in her interviews, and somehow manages to make the characters she plays seem just as real. It’s a rare talent, honesty is!


In an interview not too long ago, she talked about the toll being an actor takes on one’s psyche. She was candid about her tryst with an eating disorder. It isn’t often that we come across an actor who’s so honest about the darker, uglier side of the glamorous life.

When I lived in Delhi, I really thought I was very attractive, beautiful, intelligent… full of joy and laughter… I was very popular. But it’s when I moved to Bombay and decided to become an actor, that I kind of felt my confidence evaporate.

Actors have to deal with a lot of rejection. Anybody can tell us that we’re not suitable looking, anybody. This is the list of things I was told… I was told I should gain weight when I first started, then I was told I should lose the weight, I should fix my nose, my lips, make them big and pouty, get a boob job, grow my hair out, get highlights, get fake eyelash extensions… keep squatting for a bigger booty, wear Spanx, pout while talking, dilate my pupils and listen attentively, all in the same breath. And I really crumbled under the pressure.


We look at movie stars and judge them for everything they are, or envy them for everything they’ve got. What we don’t usually see, mostly because nobody talks about the stuff that matters, is the struggles they face as human beings. We forget that they are people, and that like us, they get whip-lashed by life and their jobs, too.


So many actors burn out well before their time, they disappear off of the face of the planet and we never quite know what became of them. So many, crumble under the pressure while their “fans” find someone else to idolize. It’s a cruel business, this.


That’s good advice for everyone! Kudos to Chadha for saying it like it is!



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