When Richa Chadha Was Asked To Reveal Her Navel In High-waist Pants. Know Here!

1:52 pm 20 Nov, 2018


Richa Chadha is one Bollywood actress who is not afraid to raise her voice for the cause when needed. We have seen how she brought many characters to life with her awesome portrayals. Take her movie Masaan for instance, don’t you think that she just nailed the role assigned to her? Recently the actress graced a literature festival (Sahitya AajTak). The diva made a shocking revelation there, and we think that she deserves much kudos for speaking up! Can you believe that there was a time when Richa Chadha was asked to reveal her navel, even though she was donning high-waist pants?

The diva addressed some pressing issues like harassment and women objectification in Hindi film industry. Yes, there was a time when the diva had to face something like this.




Apparently, writer and director Anubhav Sinha, member of Central Board of Film Certification Vani Tripathi, also graced the event with Richa Chadha. It is to be noted that the diva mentioned all this during a session which goes by Cinema aur Mahilaayein.

This is what Richa said:

“I was once wearing high-waist pants during a shoot. And then, I was asked to show my navel.”

Countering the situation as gracefully as she could, Chadha revealed that she proposed to “make” a navel on her cheek or her forehead, that too with a marker pen.



The trio also mentioned that Bollywood now knows that films which are more woman-centric can do well at the silver screen. But the industry is struggling when it comes to the aforementioned pressing issues.




Now we think that the way Richa retaliated was just beautiful. Until strong laws are made, it will be quite challenging to make a permanently halt to these problems. Also, equal participation and acknowledgment is required by those who are in power, then only there will be no #MeToo moments,  don’t you think?

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