Masaan Actress Richa Chadda Called Out Paid Trolls And Shut Them Up Like A Boss

2:33 pm 13 Apr, 2018


Bold actress and no-nonsense celebrity Richa Chadda is known for her electrifying roles in movies like “Fukrey series”, “Gangs of Wasseypur”, and “Masaan”. She also bagged Filmfare and Stardust awards for her amazing performances.


Known for being blunt and straight-forward, she regularly shuts down trolls with perfection and recently, she did it again! Her tweet on Kathua rape case attracted many comments, and one of them condemned her for politicizing the matter. Look at the tweet here:




In her reply, she pointed out that the user’s profile looks like that of a paid troll. Here is what she tweeted:




Another user abused her saying that she dances for money and should go to Pakistan. Here’s the tweet:



Richa, like a sassy queen, simply out-witted the troll by posting this:



Seeing her determined about not getting deterred by the trolls, another user asked her how she could say that the previous tweets were made by paid trolls. Further, he asked if she had used the service herself. Read the tweet:



With her witty and articulate reply, she showed the troll his place. She tweeted:




Gladly, the internet is not a place filled with paid trolls only. Here are the tweets by some of the fans who supported her:







What do you think about the entire incident? Share with us in the comments below.

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