Twitterati Said Richa Removes Chaddi In Every Movie. Her Reply To Him Was Like A Tight Slap

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5:12 pm 13 Apr, 2018


Asifa rape case has left people of our nation in utter shock. The gruesome incident took place in Kashmir where an 8-year-old girl was kidnapped, sedated, raped and then murdered. The charge sheet of the case has recorded the brutally of the accused that include police officers and a teenager. As per the case recorded in the charge sheet, when they were about to kill Ashifa by crushing her head with a rock, a police officer stopped them just to rape her again one last time. The incident has put humanity to shame and people who believe in humanity more than politics and religion are raising their voice against the rapists.


Many celebrities have come out in support of Asifa but a few groups stooped to a new low by protesting for the rapists. Such people started slamming those who asked justice for Asifa and something similar happened when actress Richa Chadda vented out her anger against the brutal incident on Twitter.



Here’s what Richa posted:


Richa’s tweet received mixed response. Many people slammed Richa for supporting a Muslim girl without even thinking once that she was an 8-year-old innocent girl who was an Indian.

One of those who trolled Richa for raising her voice against the accused was a twitter user named Rampat Haramai. The pervert trolled the actress and her profession with a shameless tweet.


Richa made a comeback with an amazing reply. The actress took screenshots of the pornographic tweets he posts and unveiled his character. Here’s what the actress posted:



It is shocking to see how people are blindly ready to support the accused.

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