Richa Chadda Speaks Up On Sexual Harassment And Its Effects In Bollywood

Updated on 11 Dec, 2017 at 3:09 pm


The world is a tough place for women. Recurring incidents of sexual assault, acid attacks, discrimination on the basis of sex and harassment, usually fill the headlines of newspapers and news feeds of social media. Recently, a two-word hashtag (#MeToo) created a unique revolution on social networks and a large number of women criticized sexual assault and harassment, in the wake of sexual offense allegations against film producer Harvey Weinstein.



The movement sparked outrage in the west and as a result, the big producer is now facing severe repercussions, he has already been pushed out of the Academy.

Bollywood is no different from Hollywood when it comes to casting couch and incidents of assaults on women, as per actress Richa Chadda, who has spoken up for the issue.



As per a recent report, Richa quoted, “I don’t see that happening immediately given the culture of naming and shaming in our country. But when it happens, as it is happening in Hollywood right now, the entire power structure will change. People, who you see making feminist films and claiming to be progressive etc, they will all come tumbling down.”




In the same report, she further stated that that Bollywood will lose a lot of heroes and many people will lose their work if the insights of the showbusiness are revealed. ” I think that’s what people will attack — they can’t attack them monetarily so they will go after the legacies. And it will happen, I would think in the next four-five years,” added Richa.

Richa Chadda

She also mentioned a very important fact that in Hollywood actors get royalty after a film, which is certainly not the case in the Indian film industry. She also stated that the press has an important role to play just like in the case of Harvey Weinstein.

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