Worried About Population Growth, Andhra Pradesh CM Wants Rich To Have More Children

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10:41 pm 19 Jun, 2016

Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu wants rich people to have more children.

According to him, the rich can help with the declining trend in population growth of the state. However, as per the latest census, AP’s birth rate has been pegged at 17.5 percent, while population is growing at 1 percent .

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Speaking at symposium on child nutrition, Naidu said that children are the ‘future assets’ of the nation and, one or none child policy has lost its relevance.

He said, “The one or none norm, which gained popularity as a result of the state-sponsored family planning campaign for several years, has lost its relevance now. In turn, it has to make way for one or more children norm.”



Naidu, who has spoken about it multiple times, is worried about the rise in aging population in the country.


Well, better healthcare facilities and job opportunities for aging population can be another alternative.



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