These Rich Kids Of Albania Love To Flaunt Their Super-Cars And Show Their Lavish Lifestyles On Instagram

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4:58 pm 16 Jan, 2018


It’s hardly a secret that millennials love to brag about their lives on social media. But the rich kids of Albania, a small country on Southeastern Europe’s Balkan Peninsula, take it to a whole new level as they flaunt their lavish lifestyles on Instagram. These insanely spoiled brats have an Instagram account by the name of “The Rich Kids of Albania” which is sure to leave you fuming over their lifestyle. These super-rich kids take pleasure in showing their wads of cash in a creative manner: from spreading it across the dashboard of their super-car, to using it to fill up the bath tub.

From a fleet of bespoke supercars to glitzy designer watches, these wealthy kids clearly have no qualms about splashing their cash.

Take a look at some of the pictures:

Spending daytime in your supercar with lots of Champagne


Weighing in the cash


Flaunting the new car


A luxurious lifestyle


Having loads of cash inside home


Safe to keep cash in your car?



This man looks out over his land from the bonnet of his fancy convertible car


Nice pose


Most of us will have pet dogs or cats, but for this woman the norm is to have a pet tiger


Ferrari near the pool, wow!


Welcoming the new year by creating a display of notes on the floor


Cool to have this car