Brazil’s Richest Guy Buries Brand New Bentley For An Amazing Cause

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3:13 pm 18 Apr, 2016



Thane Chiquinho Scarpa, the richest man in Brazil, made headlines when he announced his plans to bury his million-dollar Bentley.



He said he wanted to drive around in style in his afterlife.



This announcement got him a lot of attention as well as criticism.


People criticized him for wasting a precious commodity. People asked him to donate the car to charity if he does not need it. Despite a huge controversy he decided to go ahead with the burial ceremony. Moments before lowering the car into the grave, he stopped.

Soon he revealed the real motive behind all the drama. He said,

People condemn me because I wanted to bury a million dollar Bentley, in fact most people bury something a lot more valuable than my car. They bury hearts, livers, lungs, eyes, kidneys. This is absurd. So many people waiting for a transplant and you bury your healthy organs that could save so many lives!




Translation: I am an Organ Donor. And You? (Thane Chiquinho Scarpa in an Organ Donation event.)


What an epic way to kick off Brazil’s national organ donation week!


Source: Ever Plans