Rich Brat Uses An Adorable Puppy To Clean A Car, Internet Can’t Decide If It’s Cute Or Cruel

2:09 pm 18 May, 2017

How do you like to play with your pets? Some people like to train them while others just cuddle. There is another category of people, which likes to make videos just for the sake of likes on the internet. One such video of a rich brat cleaning a car with a cute puppy is going viral for animal cruelty.

An Instagram handle called Rich Kids of London shared a video of a guy rubbing a cute Maltese puppy from his back to clean a rare car — a Maserati MC12. The caption of the video says:

The only way to wash the iconic 6.0 litre #MaseratiMC12 is with 100% natural puppy fur ensuring a proper polish. (No puppy was harmed in this video – all smiles and tail wags here)


The Instagram handle is known for posting notorious pictures from the lives of rich kids. In the past, the page caused controversy with footage of a G-Wagen being set on fire out of boredom. The creator of the page gave her word to Femail on the puppy video:

I only posted this video as a joke and the dog was not harmed in this video as he was happy and the tail was wiggling.

Rich Kids of London


The internet has polarized opinions on this video as one-half finds it aww-worthy while the rest call it “messed up”. It is true that animals like getting rubs; however, whether the pooch is enjoying the guy’s actions is tough to determine.

It is inarguable that the video sends out a troubling message that it is okay and funny to use your animals for tricks like this. There is a difference between having fun with animals and animal cruelty. Our duty, as responsible pet owners, is to realize that.



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