RGV Insults The National Anthem In A Series of Tweets; And Twitterati’s Just Can’t Take It

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Updated on 1 Sep, 2017 at 5:41 pm

Reacting to Supreme Court’s order, director Ram Gopal Verma on December 1 sent out a very insulting tweet on the Indian National Anthem, asking it to be played at night clubs.


The ‘sarcasm’ though didn’t go down well with many of his followers and he was soon bombarded with insults for disrespecting the nation.





RGV was reacting to Supreme Court’s November 30 order, where it made it mandatory to play the national anthem in every movie theatre before the movie begins.

The night club tweet was part of a series of tweets in which RGV expressed his views about their decision and how it would fail to enforce the feeling of patriotism in the people.



RGV further added that if there is an exam conducted on the national anthem, majority of the population would fail that exam.

He thus wants the national anthem to be translated into other languages, so every Indian can understand it.