RGV Does It Again, Insults Former Prime Ministers Including Atal Bihari Vajpayee

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5:21 pm 31 Oct, 2016


Controversy king Ram Gopal Varma recently kicked off another storm on Twitter, when he insulted not one but three former Prime Ministers along with Congress chief Sonia Gandhi.


In a series of tweets posted recently, the “Aag” director sent out “crude” insults against former Indian PMs Atal Bihari Vajpayee, PV Narsimha Rao, Chandra Shekhar Singh.

In his tweet, Varma, who posted an old picture of four premiers and called the three Prime Ministers backbenchers, who were bad and disrespectful towards women.


Further, he even sarcastically pretended not to recognise them and say “Dont know who these 3 r but they look badder than each.”


The picture Verma posted, showed Vajpayee, Rao and Chandra Shekhar sharing a light moment in the Parliament while Congress chief Sonia Gandhi was seated ahead of them.

RVG the  went on to insult other Indian men via the same pic and said it represented “inner psyche of Indian men’s disrespect for women”.


In his last tweet, he further feigned ignorance and once again questioned about the “identity” of all four premieres while accusing the former PMs of cracking dirty.


His comments, which many believe is to another ‘novel’ way promote his next movie ‘Sarkaar 3’, didn’t go down well with many Twitterati who were soon advising RVG to learn some manners himself.



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